“I can think of no nobility greater than to give yourself to a cause. My mind, my body, my soul all venture forth towards the security of our children. When I am united with their dreams and memories we will remain as one soul, one light among the countless stars in the heavens.” -Laasya Rishika, 2434-

NeoShoda is known as the city of joy. Although with a population of less than 90,000 it is hardly a city at all. The station was built through the combination of several technologies, each developed by different stations throughout the generations.
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The High Kingdom Of Arerin – Loc Morin


The darkness is the cruelest veil
Resting under a mountain of ash
With memories of a childhood tale
In the halls of the Sunrikash

So it has been two and a half months since I started construction on the fantasy sim without doing any kind of research concerning what was expected or typical of one. Continue reading

Navagrod Sim Progress

Night Streets

So for the past three weeks I have been neck deep in developing a fantasy sim. I was commissioned by an acquaintance who had hired me in the past for a similar project which was short lived. However this was a pre-mesh build and the two month project was resurrected for evaluation to meet a darker theme as requested by the sim owner. Continue reading

Looking Back Tips & Tricks

Looking Back

So I originally intended this to be a frontal shot but when camming around she turned her head just right and I had to get that angle in there. The mesh eyes never lined up so I had to manually move them to get her looking where I wanted then clean it up post production. I didn’t use any spotlights, which I normally do for lighting purposes and instead tried something a bit different. Continue reading

Game Testing Started

I would like to thank the two volunteers who joined me for tonight’s game testing session, it went off fairly well and everyone had fun. I think though that we can probably include 1 or 2 other players for the purpose of testing and last nights game really helped illuminate some areas needed in developing the system further. I am happy to say that both players survived the initial test, not without some close calls however and I am doing my best to keep it as balanced and fair as possible while sticking to how brutal the system can be. I will check my calendar for the next game session possibly this weekend or next week and will post the time on the campaign details Via roll20. If you would like to volunteer as a tester just send me an IM and we can help set you up a character sheet. Fair warning though this is certainly the dodgiest part of the process since so much material is missing but its workable.

HELIOS Game Testers Needed

I have reached a point with HELIOS where I am capable of starting a campaign. While a lot more of the system needs to be developed before I can introduce a proper story I was looking for one or two volunteers who are comfortable starting a roleplay campaign with it being mostly scrap papers and collectively in my head.

They would need a solid night to be able to test out the campaign in the HELIOS setting and their game testing will run like any system with the understanding in mind the world is half developed. The system is functional but needs to be bugged tested and the majority of the content is in my creative cloud.

So if you are interested in helping me flesh out the game to a truly functional state and don’t mind the slow down on mechanics and storytelling hit me up because I would like to get this going as soon as is convenient and see a more functional system at the end of the month.

HELIOS update

I have been brain storming as well as hand drawing the game maps so I am still hard at work fleshing out this world, including political powers and factions across the many regions. One thing I am adding is water purity as a form of currency among the more rural areas of the world. While the spore jungles create a miasma that pollutes the waters certain natural areas and processes can purify the water to different degrees. So the rarity of complete pure water is not only sought after but also used a means of currency since its general use is in high demand. The global currency known as credits is not honored everywhere in Helios and as such scrap and salvage serves as alternate means to barter with. I am still working on the machines that culture most of the land mass as well as the factions who live outside the grace of social boundaries. I will keep you updated on its progress.