Face & Sick


been a while since i posted anything here. lot of ups and downs in both sl and rl but i’ve been inspired by my friend Rio’s blog. It’s awesome, you should look at it.

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NeoShoda Rentals!

Night Streets
Hello lovelies!

Today we’re talking about the rentals we’ve been setting up on sim. For residential, we’ve got prefurnished pods that will be available for 400L/week and will start with 25 rezzable prims.

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NeoShoda Access Restricted

hello you lovely people.

we’ve been forced to lock the sim again after the sim owner received some offlines about recent dramatics. those who would like to rp on sim, please message one of us to get invited to the group so that you can get on sim.

For those who don’t know, Frankie(thecityyuki) is currently on deployment in Afghanistan. Frankie continues her ongoing support for Stark and I within the NeoShoda sim. But she’s also got way bigger concerns than people sending her offlines to bash the sim or those of us working on it. This past week alone, 7 people she’s there with have died. She has been awesome in her efforts to get the sim going and letting us work on it(yes, the sim is still a major work in process that isn’t even officially opened to those outside of the InSilico Roleplay Community). Please be respectful and contact myself(Cailin Beorn) or Stark Osterham with any questions, comments or concerns.



So it Begins…
So It Begins...

NeoShoda is a Cyberpunk/Science Fiction Roleplay sim that is being started by Stark Osterham, Frankie Turner(thecityyuki) and I(Cailin Beorn). It is a project that has been long in the back of our minds but with the recent banning of Skills Hak(owner of InSilico) and the locking down of the InSilico sims and their uncertain future…now seemed like a good time to give it a try. There is some hope for InSilico as Stark and Fifth Aeon, another IS GM, will be meeting with the Lindens this coming Monday but in the meantime….NeoShoda. Continue reading

Elf In The City

Elf In The City

Navagrod is a soon to open fantasy sim built by the amazing Stark Osterham! It’s already in a soft opening stage and there’s a few more areas that are still WIP but the city itself is incredible. I’ve been working up a character concept for it and decided to go a bit viking elf. While the lore is still being cleaned up, I’ve got my warrior elf all ready to get involved!

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