NeoShoda Rentals!

Night Streets
Hello lovelies!

Today we’re talking about the rentals we’ve been setting up on sim. For residential, we’ve got prefurnished pods that will be available for 400L/week and will start with 25 rezzable prims.

Night Streets

Night Streets

We’re also working on office/business spaces available at 450L/wk with 50 rezzable prims. Most of those will be customizable and their prices will reflect what their customization involves. We’re looking for players who want to establish their own small offices or shops to approach us with ideas!

Night Streets

Night Streets

A few important things to remember! The sim is getting closer to an official soft opening but it is still a WIP. Stark is still adding rentals, both residential pods and business spaces, throughout the sim so don’t be disheartened if you come to rent and nothing is available yet! You can always contact Stark or I(Cailin) to be added to the list.

Our rental rules are simple but very important. Not reading them is not an excuse!
-NeoShoda Rentals are for Sim Roleplayers only
-Any visitors to a private rentals must fall all sim rules and are not allowed to disrupt roleplay
-We reserve the right to remove anyone from their rental if deemed necessary

Looking forward to seeing everyone! SLURL: NeoShoda Landing Zone



One response to “NeoShoda Rentals!

  1. Im really interested on renting a platform but i have no idea how i used the kiosk at the sim entrance but leads me here. Some guidance would be appreciated.

    SL: Ecocin Nexen


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