NeoShoda Access Restricted

hello you lovely people.

we’ve been forced to lock the sim again after the sim owner received some offlines about recent dramatics. those who would like to rp on sim, please message one of us to get invited to the group so that you can get on sim.

For those who don’t know, Frankie(thecityyuki) is currently on deployment in Afghanistan. Frankie continues her ongoing support for Stark and I within the NeoShoda sim. But she’s also got way bigger concerns than people sending her offlines to bash the sim or those of us working on it. This past week alone, 7 people she’s there with have died. She has been awesome in her efforts to get the sim going and letting us work on it(yes, the sim is still a major work in process that isn’t even officially opened to those outside of the InSilico Roleplay Community). Please be respectful and contact myself(Cailin Beorn) or Stark Osterham with any questions, comments or concerns.



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