So it Begins…
So It Begins...

NeoShoda is a Cyberpunk/Science Fiction Roleplay sim that is being started by Stark Osterham, Frankie Turner(thecityyuki) and I(Cailin Beorn). It is a project that has been long in the back of our minds but with the recent banning of Skills Hak(owner of InSilico) and the locking down of the InSilico sims and their uncertain future…now seemed like a good time to give it a try. There is some hope for InSilico as Stark and Fifth Aeon, another IS GM, will be meeting with the Lindens this coming Monday but in the meantime….NeoShoda.

This posting is to give everyone a quick and dirty story concept and some background thoughts. NeoShoda is an AGIS Space Station that is being converted into a full scale city to house those who have been forced from the floating cities of Earth, InSilico City being one of those. The reason for a forced evacuation? The air systems have stopped working properly, cutting off sustainable atmospheres and forcing those that live within to flee until solutions can be found. The NeoShoda Space Station is reached through Conduits, allowing those who evacuate to reach it quickly, despite its in progress conversion to a full scale city.

OOC wise, Stark is still building and much of the lore is still being fleshed out but for those who wish to come to the sim and roleplay their InSilico Characters(or new ones!), please im one of us inworld and we’ll help you come over. Once we found out what the final status of the InSilico sims are, we’ll add that to the backstory of NeoShoda.

Some FAQ’s we’ve already received….yes, we will allow you to bring over your InSilico Characters as long as there were no prior issues with them. yes, we are in the same Universe, lore wise, as InSilico though we will eventually add in our own tweaks to fit with our unique vision of NeoShoda. Yes, if InSilico is restored, NeoShoda will still exist and you can play in both areas. yes, NeoShoda is designed with pure roleplay in mind, leaving behind the more hybrid aspects of the InSilico sims and allowing roleplayers a fully immersive environment. Yes, we are very open to questions you may have so message us inworld!

OH! quick side note: since things are still WIP, there aren’t any fully created ‘rp businesses’ set up yet. that doesn’t mean they aren’t already in the works!


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