Titles Are Blah


I suck at titles. I always wanna use things like ‘random’ or ‘stuff’. In fact, half the saved shots on my ‘puter are titled like that lol.

Anyway, kinda digging the way I look tonight. Nothing really new, just stuff that was rediscovered while sitting around InSilico, attempting to plot an rp arc that I’d like to kick off.


Head: Logo’s Chloe
Body: TMP
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Iris in Honey
Ears: Mandala Steking Season 5
Skin: Glam Affair SIa in Arctic (appliers for Logo and TMP)
Hair: Olive the Razzor Hair(group gift but i believe there is a version on sale)


Jacket: MoDanna Dietrich Oversized Jacket
Rings: The Plastik The Worshyp Ring set
Cybernetic Legs: BioMechanoid Legs Evolution(modded)

Location: InSilico North – The Shades Lab


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