The High Kingdom Of Arerin – Loc Morin


The darkness is the cruelest veil
Resting under a mountain of ash
With memories of a childhood tale
In the halls of the Sunrikash

So it has been two and a half months since I started construction on the fantasy sim without doing any kind of research concerning what was expected or typical of one.

Being new to the fantasy community I didn’t want to take a look at already existing sims in an attempt to not be influenced by them even on a subconscious level. The idea was simple, to build a fantasy sim in the same manner as my Mars build.

The major design of such a build requires the area to be built in a manner that promotes exploration and interaction on an intuitive level.

Ladders you climb by walking up, you cross dangerous terrain by climbing and leaping over chasms, you can run along roof tops and scale scaffolding on cliff sides.

However I was not prepared for the fantasy community itself which are use to a very traditional expectations concerning fantasy sims. With pose balls, areas for each race, floating text, dice rollers etc.

From what I can tell the fantasy community heads to a new fantasy sim with certain expectations such as someone who is a wolf wanted a forest to play in not a city. A mermaid wanted water not a cave, pirates needed an ocean not a forest etc.

The build itself turned out fantastic, with the city feeling large and expansive. Even within the limitations of a single sim size. The caves are deep and daring while the forest was made to appease the non city player population.

I am happy with the end result if not skeptical whether it will be utilized in the manner for which I created it.

Tuatha Throne Room

The Tuatha

On The Road To Loc Morin

In the end it has been a breath of fresh air to try my hand at something that was fantasy based and perhaps The High Kingdom Of Arerin – Loc Morin will remain a sim that grows over time. It was certainly fun to make and an adventure over the past few months and while my heart will always be in Mars I did leave a bit of it in this fantastical sim that is unlike any fantasy sim you will find on the grid.


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