Navagrod Sim Progress

Night Streets

So for the past three weeks I have been neck deep in developing a fantasy sim. I was commissioned by an acquaintance who had hired me in the past for a similar project which was short lived. However this was a pre-mesh build and the two month project was resurrected for evaluation to meet a darker theme as requested by the sim owner.

His description for his envisioned design was Castlevania & Bloodborne which both are saturated with dark foreboding environments. With a sense of deep dilapidation and a haunted impression of despair. Not exactly my forte as far as builds are concerned but enjoying the change of pace from my normal heavy science fiction/cyberpunk work.


The idea was to create an intricate city that felt large and expansive with a cold harsh terrain looming in the distance with perhaps a series of buildings extending beyond the threshold to create the illusion of size. Of course this is incredibly hard to do within the confines of Sim restrictions of 250 meters.

The answer was in the original construction from several years ago which was a tiered build with up to four levels allowing the city itself to wrap around the peak of a mountain. Of course the original construction was mostly sculpts and inspired by Lord of the Rings. However the transition still remains a challenge and an interested complex build with towering cathedrals, smoked stacked houses and peaked temple structures.

Obviously the search for the most appropriate windlight is still well underway.

If I had to estimate how far along I have gotten I suppose I would say almost half way. There is so much work still to be done with the initial layout and I am only down two layers on the overall four layer tiered city. The lower walls, gardens, hedge mazes, slums, taverns, churches, stables and grave yards are still left to be done.

That’s not even mentioning the dungeons and interior work still needing to be done. I will have to go back through and flesh out the inside of the structures and make them feel lived in. Work on refining the small details and begin constructing a modular dungeon for progressive roleplay for future players.

So to everyone who knows me in world and has been wondering what the hell I have been doing well as you can see, making progress. Slow and steady for sure but hopefully by this time next month I can put to rest some of major bulk of the build. I might even call in some outside help for scripting and small patch work. Luckily I have some truly talented friends who are always up for a bit of creative expression.


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