Looking Back Tips & Tricks

Looking Back

So I originally intended this to be a frontal shot but when camming around she turned her head just right and I had to get that angle in there. The mesh eyes never lined up so I had to manually move them to get her looking where I wanted then clean it up post production. I didn’t use any spotlights, which I normally do for lighting purposes and instead tried something a bit different.

I used two different windlights to get the desired effects the first was Nacon’s Morning2 winglight set to around noon with a shift on the eastern sun location vie environmental editor which gave the overall shot nice sharp shadows. But it didn’t give her face the look I wanted. So I shifted the windlight to Nam’s Optimal Skin 2 which provided a nice illumination of the skin tone. I overlayed both shots in photoshop which allowed me to keep the nice skin tone with the detailed shadow effect. The end result turned out rather nice.

I added a lens Flare effect over the blade to give it a shine and used the healing brush tool to remove any large ugly sun spots from the effect.

Lastly I used an overlay of some feathers I found off the web.

I cut and arranged them to hang off the spear end then gave it and a multiply blending change so that the end result meshed with the rest of the scene. Aside from some misc repairs that was about all I did, this technique varied from my normal setting up multiple light sources in a scene and controlling the direction of light and shadow all before i take the first screenshot. Hope this helps you think of some new and interesting ideas of how to use windlights to help illuminate a scene for production.


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