Red Devil In The Rain Outfit Tutorial

Red Devil In The Rain

Ok so where to begin, First off I chose this outfit for a tutorial mainly due to its lack of custom content so lets get that out of the way first. The custom content in this tutorial are the:

Technician Hood
Sanjuro Backpack 2
Tech Glasses

Since you can find your own hair style or hood along with a backpack of your choosing these will be omitted from the tutorial.

So to begin we have the:


Which we colored a deep red (#540000 hex code). Now keep in mind that it comes with materials included however I found changing the specular color to a grey (#414141 hex code) provided the right amount of light resistance for the color to not seem so washed out or super bright. Obviously I chose white so I could tint it to match the rest of the outfit.

Now the Furry collar did not come with the coat and it can be found on the marketplace as the:

[Heroic Vestments.] [Dyable.]

The color tint on this is #484848 hex code to give it that deep dark furr color. The Vestment is moddable and not rigged so you may resize it to fit the hood properly.

Now these legs are killer and if you have gone through my photostream you know I use these a lot. While I do admit they are a pain in the ass to color, resize and work with, the end results generally are fantastic. Now they do not come with materials and can be bought off the marketplace from biomechanoid. They are the:

BIOMECHANOID legs evolution

I use a custom 64×64 specular texture which is solid grey on them and tinted them #540000 hex code red to match the rest of the outfit. The sizing to your mesh body of choice and alignment are a pain to get perfect. Just a warning ahead of time. I use a glossiness of 50 and leave the color white on the specular. Let the specular texture do all the work.

Now the arms themselves are also from BIOMECHANOID and are also available via marketplace. However in order to work with this outfit I had to modify them. They are rigged so you can rez them anywhere and unlink the shoulder and anything above the elbow on the arm. I did have to add the same specular textures as the legs and tinted them a dark black to get the correct look. Feel free to experiment with your own color pallet. They are the:


Now keep in mind that these are not perfect for this outfit. They do not line up correctly on the sleeves and poke through in certain spots. When done right its only a minor annoyance so certainly isn’t a deal breaker. My advice is use your own custom hands or whatever other mesh body hands you have that may work slightly better. However for the purpose of the picture and this tutorial these still remain just fine.

What about the rest of the back detail? Well as I explained earlier the backpack is not available so you will have to go with your own decision on that. The oxygen tank however I explained in a previous tutorial on how and where to get that. That leaves the last bit.

That is the:

Anubis – Back pack – unrigged

I love this thing, it comes with the Anubis armor from UTILIZATOR who makes brilliant mesh wearable items that are all moddable. In this instance I chose the unrigged variant of the backpack which allows me to resize and position it correctly. I also added the same custom specular texture to it so it matches the rest of the outfit along with tinting it red with a #340000 hex code. I would recommend playing around with this on various outfits just to give it a more high tech feel. The top and lower sections of the backpack have different faces so try a deeper shade of color on those to give it more depth and less flat feel.

Now the glasses used are custom and modeled off Adam Jensen glasses from Deus Ex. Now that does not mean you can’t get them. Tokugawa Heavy Industries makes a pair of sculpted ones called T. Optical Shades. However if you do not like the look or simply want mesh ones you can surf the marketplace to find various versions or shades inspired by the same source material.

That about wraps it up, if you are interested in the body, faces and skin I will include them in the list of items for this fashion tutorial and look forward to seeing you all in world.


[Fashion Card]

Technician Hood (not available)
Sanjuro Backpack 2 (not available)
Tech Glasses (not available)

[Heroic Vestments.] [Dyable.]
BIOMECHANOID legs evolution*
Anubis – Back pack – unrigged*
O.CA – Survival Pack*

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Babydoll (Deluxe)
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Basic Body(f)
.tsg. Luxury Eyes – Red*

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* for TheMeshProject “Skin” Megan EUROPEAN
Passion Tattoos:::Roleplay Shadow


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