Outfit Tutorial on UNITED

I have been asked many times for the style card or the general break down of outfits I have used for my shots and while I have never truly sat down and taken the time to outline these details, it remains a hot topic.

So I decided to take a moment to honor these requests and break down the process or method in which some of these outfits are created. Just a note of information concerning these custom outfits: Aside from being completely lazy about descriptions I have many custom items which are not available anywhere on marketplace or in world stores. The reason for this is obvious in that I am not showcasing anyone’s products. The ones I do showcase are so modded from the original that they would need tutorials of their own however in retrospect I spend a great deal of time adding my own materials to these moddable items as well as also do my own custom texturing. On the rare occasion I do not touch an item sold on market place (mainly due to no mod) is due to it being in line with the original vision of the outfit.

So let’s get to it, the custom items viewed in the outfit are the Pilot helmet, the cybernetic ears, the ghost backpack, the plasma sword and the laser pistol.  The last piece which I get asked about a lot is the short jacket which was rigged by a friend of mine and is also unavailable.

The Majority of the outfit is Anubis by Utilizator Mode

Anubis – LBooster C
Anubis – RBooster C
Anubis – ULegL C
Anubis – ULegR C
Anubis – L arm C
Anubis – R arm C
Anubis – Pelvis C
Riku C – Core

I chose the C variant which is the colorless version and comes in the -Bonus Items- box.
A 64×64 grey specular map was added to all pieces except the mesh faces that show the corporate logo.

The custom corporate logo itself was a pain in the ass and I won’t go into the details of how much of a pain it actually was to create a texture that aligns with in the same way as the original which was not provided with the Anubis outfit.

The Main body is the Riku C – Core. I gave the mesh face over the breasts a 100% transparency to show a little nipple and used the Core_skintex texture provided. I exported the texture and desaturated the color in photoshop.  Then I applied a custom hex texture as the specular with a 4×4 scale to give it a body suit kind of feel to the materials.

The neck bit used to hide the gap between the helmet and the body is the Avatar 2.0 – Body. I broke off every piece not used and only kept the neck upper torso part. After removing all scripts and applying a custom camouflage texture and materials. Then I gave whatever was left a 100% transparency while making sure only the actual neck bit can be seen.

For the shoulders and hips I used:

Strike – Shoulders – C
Temjin – Hips(Heavy) – C

Again I was going for the non-color versions of everything and I like Utilizator Mode mesh, mainly due to its creative future look and full modability. I however shy away from that cute anime/furry look that his products seem to lean towards and mod out the pieces for personal use. Now it might be noted that the strike & Temjin armor is a little pricey to use simply for the hips and or shoulder pieces used.  Feel free to use whatever you like in your outfits however this is exactly what I used in this one.

The arm are also Anubis and uses the same black and white color pallet as the rest of the outfit.

The last part is the O.CA – Survival Pack. Where I broke apart the oxygen tank, resized and recolored the piece to be worn on the spine. Luckily this comes with materials on it already and required only general modification to fit on the back.

As you can see when all properly recolored, retextured, modded with custom materials, you can make all the pieces fit as well as match. I hope this helped you understand the process and amount of work that has gone into each and every outfit shown on my flickr pictures, the same care and effort is also done to each area shown as well as the post process of the screenshots used although those are tutorials for another day.

In the future I may provide fashion cards for players to use and they can mix and match their own custom content to expand their outfits potential. Many thanks for all the requests for this information and I look forward to featuring future outfits here.


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